Find the courage

May I find the courage not to hide from harsh truth

May I find the courage not to hide from harsh truth

Dear Great Spirit who is known by many names,

Do you hear the prayers of people in prison, of refugees
walking on roads because a war has forced them from their
homes, of people knowing that war and genocide is in their place
and their time may come any time? Do you hear my prayer every
day as I open the newspaper that friends in these vulnerable
situations be spared? If you hear those prayers, how is it that
these horrors continue every day?

I don’t mean to challenge the way things are going, but the
growing darkness sometimes obliterates my view of the glorious
natural world everywhere and the miracles of life to be cherished
all around.

My heart is grateful for the many saints found in these terrible
situations. Bless them and give them endurance. May they feel
sustained by the warmth of the sun on their bodies. And, oh
mighty spirit, if I can help carry any part of the load for these
people, if in any way I can help, give me the wisdom to pour
myself into the task with ease and grace. If I can be a companion
for the prisoner, carry the refugee on the road or scream about
genocide so that someone wakes up from a sleep and stops the
killing, let me do it.

May I find the courage not to hide from the
harsh truth of what is happening in my world in my time. Let me
attend to every blossoming life around me with appreciation and
love. Show me the light in the darkness.

Fran Peavey