Go ahead, be a life ninja

Open yourself to accessing a state of mind and experience that makes everything different

It takes courage to he this alive. It takes mystical cojones. Most of us
bought into the mentality that if we just worked harder, climbed higher,
learned more, or changed more, we’d be happy. Most of us secretly feel
like we didn’t get the right manual. Or we didn’t get dealt a winning hand.
Or that we’re just too damaged to use our circumstances usefully.

Open yourself to accessing a state of mind and experience that makes
everything different. It levels the playing field. It gives you the winning
hand before you even pick up your cards. You have nothing but aces and
kings. Or a royal flush. You were born golden. You were born beautiful.
You have everything you need. It doesn’t matter who raised you, who left
you, who fired you, how old you are, or if you have cancer, you’re deaf,
broke, disabled, or dying. You are free. You are as alive as you could ever
be. You have power angels at your command. You have an endless clear
lake on a summer’s day awaiting your sailboat.

You are entitled to miracles.

And you are only one thought away from everything you could ever

This is your right time. This is your right inheritance. This is
something you can’t even change.

A Course in Miracles