Knit one, purl two

knit one, purl two
Genesis 37:1–24

We have managed to roll together
the tangled strands of our lives
and get ourselves here.

We take this soft and colorful ball of life –
the school knapsacks filled with anticipation,
the news from home,
the co-worker we can’t stand,
the friend that means the world to us,
the dreams that become true if we just had time,
the failures that haunt our sleep,
the medical report we await,
the love received,
the healing laughter –
we take it all and entrust it as an offering to
the Cosmic Knitter,
who fashions – like an ancient granny –
from these ends our lives,
a coat of many colors.

We place these woolly bits of our living
in the knitting bag
of the sacred liturgy,
listen for the eternal click and clack of needles,
and eagerly await the finishing touches of Spirit.

Bruce Sanguin