Let me be the Light

Let me be the Light; let me be joy;

Help me to let go of my preoccupations
with the future.
Give me the strength to stop
my futile attempts
to predict and control the future.
Let me see no value in my plan
of what the future should be.
Rid me of my senseless questions
about tomorrow
And of all my desires to manipulate
and control others.

Remind me that my fears and uncertainties
of tomorrow are only related to
my unfounded fear of You.

Help me be still
help me listen and love.
Awaken me to the truth of Your Presence
being only in the now of this moment.
Lift me up into Your Arms
and remind me that I am Your Creation,
and that I am the Perfection of Love.
Help me to acknowledge that I am Your Messenger
of Love, and free me to shine
Your Light everywhere.
Let me feel Your Freedom within me, and
let me laugh at the illusions
that my ego once made
me feel were so real.

Let me be the Light; let me be joy; let me know
that I am
the reflection of You wherever I am,
and wherever I go.

Gerald G Jampolsky