It’s not personal

Laughing Jesus # 5 by Noel Counihan

The great statements of Jesus Christ were never spoken from the personal, but always from the impersonal. No truth ever sprung from the personal mind because it is only the impersonal that can touch the universal, and it is only in the universal that absolute truth can be found. When the mind enters the impersonal state, consciousness comes in touch with the cosmic state of being, and in that state we realize the “I am” way of being. We discern what the “I am” actually is, and we find that the consciousness of the “I am” is the open door to the limitless vastness of the spiritual universe. “I am the door.” Enter through the door of “I am” and we pass into that immense world that is found on the upper side, or the divine side of sublime existence.

Christian Larson, 1911