Perspectives on Light: Genesis 1, Matthew 2, Einstein’s equations

big bang
The ancient ones saw it this way:
in the beginning the Holy One allowed the light,
“Let there be light,”
and from Spirit’s being,
a radiance emerged
that lit creation’s path toward its sacred future.

The scientists see it this way:
in the beginning, from the darkness and emptiness of nothingness,
an unaccountable explosion of radiation
expanded outward in all directions,
which now our instruments can measure.

The first disciples saw it this way:
Jesus, too, allowed the light
to brighten dark death’s reign,
announcing a new creation,
brightened by justice for all.

The Magi, lovers of the starry skies, saw it this way:
the heavens all pointed to an uncreated light,
now formed in a baby’s eye,
Earth’s native Star,
worthy of wonder and a gift-laden visit.

We might look at it this way:
that same light that shone in Jesus
shines now through us,
and this festival of epiphany is real –
or not –
depending on whether we allow
an eternal shining
to light our path
into a future that awaits
our distinctive stamp.

Let there be light.

Bruce Sanguin