Shekinah’s Triumph

Edward Burtynsky: Nickel Tailings, Sudbury, Ontario

Isaiah 62:1—4

Spirit of the Living God,
we have squandered our planet
in pursuit of our own glory:
the glory of wealth,
the glory of status,
and the glorious triumph of the human species.

May we glimpse, in this celebration,
the other glory,
of which the ancient prophet, Baruch, speaks:
Wisdom’s presence, luminous in all of creation,
and souls radiant with infinite grace.
Crown us, then, with diadems of the glory
of the everlasting,
freely given to nongrasping hands.

Fill in the valleys, make low the mountains,
make a straight and level path in the wilderness of
our souls
for the unending procession of divine Glory,
making its way, of all places,
to the throne of our hearts.

Bruce Sanguin