Waiting for love to find me

I don't know how to live with this, how to forgive myself

At the end of the day, the failure I find the hardest to live with is the one that I
made because I lacked the courage to let love take me where it will. And this
mistake cannot be corrected by trying harder. It requires that I surrender to that
which is larger than myself, that I be willing to move ahead where I am afraid of
making mistakes. It requires telling the truth about my worst failures and saying,
when I have no faith that anyone or anything is listening, “I don’t know how to live
with this, how to forgive myself. I cannot do this with my will. Help me.”

In this place I sit and wait for love to find me, to come and take me home to the
place where I — mistakes included — will be welcomed.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer