Betrayal and memories

Caspar Isenmann, Betrayal of Christ
Dear God,
I have been betrayed.
Take me away from this pain.
Let me not be tempted to wrong those who have
wronged me, or hate those who hate me.
But rather, dear God, please use Your power on
my behalf,
That through Your love I might invoke the light,
That through Your forgiveness I might speed
That through Your grace the spirit of the Lord
might enter and make all things right.
Let me not be tempted by darkness, even
though it is all around me.
Let me continue to see the good in others,
Even when they have turned the arrows of their
fear at me.
Be my shield, dear Lord.
And please be my protector.
Awaken in others the truth in their hearts.
And awaken the same in me.
I have faith in You, dear God to right all
wrongs, to make all things clear, to bring
light out of apparent darkness.
I hold to You.
I bless those who have not blessed me.
I forgive them and I forgive myself.
Or so do I wish to do.
I ask for Your help.
I pray for comfort.
Thank You very much.

Marianne Williamson