Meditation on Feeling Loved

When your brother attacks you, realize that he is not feeling loved. If he felt love, he would not attack you. Do not react to his attack. Find a way to remind him that he is loved.

Do this again and again.

Here is a simple walking meditation.

One day, when you are feeling cheerful, go out into your community and when you see someone who is sad or angry, find a simple way to remind him that he is loved. Give him a smile, a flower, a balloon, a sandwich or a cup of coffee. Sing him a song or recite a poem. Say: “This is just for you. Please have a nice day.”

Another time, when you are feeling depressed, do the same thing. Do this again and again. You will be amazed at the results. There is nothing more ecstatic than reminding others and yourself that you are loved.

Remember, no one can give love if he does not feel loved. Therefore you have only one responsibility: feel the love that is there in your heart. And help others to feel it too. Can you imagine a world in which each person understood that his only responsibility was to give and receive love?

Paul Ferrini