Preparation to die, or meditate (part 2)

let yourself die into space...
Observe how each breath drawn in through the nostrils of the heavy body is experienced as sensation by the light body within. Notice how each breath connects the heavy body with the light body. Notice how each breath maintains that connection, allowing life to stay one more moment in the body.

Feel the contact between the light body and the dense body that each breath provides. Feel how each breath sustains the light body balanced perfectly within.

Take each breath as though it were the last. Experience each inhalation as though it is not going to be followed by another. Don’t try to conserve your breath to stay in the body. Let it come and let it go.

Each breath the last: Let that last exhalation go. And just go on with it. The last breath of life leaving the body behind. The connection severed between the light body and the heavy body. The end of this life. The final breath.

Don’t try to hold onto it. Let go of your last breath, let the light body float free.

Let yourself die. Let go now. hold to nothing. Trust the process.

Let yourself die into space. Leave your body behind, follow the light.

The last breath vanished into space. Leave your body where it lies and go on. That was never you. There you are shining before you. Enter that light. It is your own great nature. Do not be frightened by your immensity. Release all that holds you back from your ultimate fulfilment. Dissolve your heart into the great heart. Let who you have always been become who you are.

Stephen Levine