Releasing Outcome

releasing outcome
Dear God,
May I have meaningful work and meaningful
activity in my life.
I desire to wake up each morning and feel that I
am used on behalf of something glorious.
I want to feel, no matter what my work, that I
dispense blessing, love, forgiveness and
kindness there to all I meet.
Help me remember that You are the power.
May I not overglorify merchandizing or money
or business.
May my work be Yours.
May my work be love.
Help me to remember that as I focus on the
realm of heaven, everything else will take care
of itself.
Help me have faith, to know that the universe shall
take care of me as I take care of it.
In this moment, I am willing to put aside all
small and worthless values.
In this moment, I am willing to let go my
attachment to money, popularity, power, prestige,
the things of the world that I do not need.
For I know that they are all illusion, and except
as they are sent by You, they lead me
Thus I shall shine.
And as I shine, I shall radiate a
power in this world, not of this world, and
people will not fail to notice.
For I shall be as a star in a darkened sky.
I shall go to sleep knowing that I did as I have
come here to do.
I shall be repaid by gratitude, shining in the eyes
of my brothers.
Please shine in my heart.

Marianne Williamson