Remembrance prayer

create a warless world
O God,
whose heart is broken
by the violence in the human race,
forgive us that we have lacked
the imagination and collective will
to create a warless world.

Forgive us for breaking faith
with those who gave their lives,
for the unconscionable gap between the rich and the poor,
for corruption and deceit in high places,
for the profit gained by the sale of weapons,
for the spirit of domination in our world leaders,
for learning so little from the deaths of 100 million
in the past century.

In you alone is our hope;
in your power, which can purify the human heart
and set our feet on the path of peace, do we trust.
You can do great things
in willing hearts.
Break, then, our hardened hearts.
Break them with grief, with memory, and with hope.
In the name of the Prince of Peace.

Bruce Sanguin