Baal shem tov
“God is the shadow of man,” was commented upon by the Baal Shem as follows: just as a shadow follows the gestures and motions of the body, God follows those of the soul. If a man is charitable, God will be charitable too. The name of man’s secret is God, and the name of God’s secret is none other than the one invented by man: love. Who loves, loves God. And what is love if not a creative act, in which two beings fuse into a single consciousness scarred and healed a thousand times? Love’s mystery resides in oneness, and so does God’s. “Whatever is above is also down below.” Between the present concrete world and the other, the one to come, there is a link between source and reflection. God does not oppose humanity, and man, though vulnerable and ephemeral, can attain immortality in the passing moment. In man’s universe, everything is connected because nothing is without meaning.

Elie Wiesel